Our Technology

We use the latest advanced technology to achieve fantastic hair restoration results for our patients. Selecting expertly-crafted devices designed for precision is integral to ensuring patients experience improved hair fullness that looks and feels natural.

Our hair restoration devices have been specially selected for effectiveness and efficiency. NeoGraft and ARTAS machines use advanced “follicular unit extraction” (FUE) technology to extract, harvest, and implant individual hair follicles, without the need for extensive surgical incisions. Although both machines provide effective results, different patients may be better suited to one or the other depending on their specific condition and preferences.

Below is an overview of the technology we use to perform successful hair restoration procedures.


NeoGraft is a semi-automated hair transplantation device that works to redistribute hair follicles and improve density in areas that are bald or thinning.

The device is controlled by a trained and experienced technician who carefully selects the hairs to be extracted. The specific areas of the scalp to be targeted will be addressed with the patient before the procedure. Microscopic incisions are made by the device around hair follicle units in order to harvest hairs from the scalp one by one. With careful placement by the technician, the device then implants the harvested follicles into a different area on the scalp to restore thickness. The automated component of the machine allows for advanced precision during the extraction and implantation process.

Benefits of NeoGraft

  • Suitable for people of different hair tones
  • No large-scale incisions, stitches, or scarring
  • Natural-looking results for improved confidence
  • Results are noticeable and long-lasting
  • Less expensive than other FUE methods

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The ARTAS robot is a sophisticated hair restoration device that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimise the hair transplantation process.

The increased automation of the ARTAS robot means it is able to achieve maximum precision and efficiency. With its advanced vision, AI capabilities, and robotic arm, the machine uses complex algorithms to select and extract individual hair follicles. The areas for extraction will be discussed with the patient prior to the procedure. Using the same FUE process, the device transplants the grafts into balding or thinning areas to improve thickness and restore confidence. Due to the advanced technology, the ARTAS machine has a higher success rate than other similar procedures.

Benefits of ARTAS

  • High-quality hair grafts resulting from AI technology
  • Increased follicular unit survival rate
  • Automated accuracy, reducing the risk of human error
  • No large-scale incisions, stitches, or scarring
  • Natural-looking results for improved confidence

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are ARTAS and NeoGraft similar?

The devices have some things in common. Both NeoGraft and ARTAS procedures are minimally invasive and FDA-approved, with faster recovery times than other hair transplantation approaches. The technologies use FUE methods to perform hair transplants, taking individual follicles from the back of the head and re-implanting them into balding areas of the scalp. Additionally, both devices use the same implantation process: manual implantation controlled by the technician.

How are ARTAS and NeoGrant different?

Whilst both machines use FUE techniques to perform minimally invasive procedures, there is one key difference to consider. NeoGraft uses a manual extraction process whereby the technician has maximum control over the uprooting of hair follicles. By comparison, the ARTAS robot procedure automates this process. The AI computer technology and robotic arm are used to perform extractions of the hair follicle units.

What is FUE?

FUE is a trusted hair transplantation process involving the selection of specific hair follicle units. These units are uprooted and re-implanted in a different area in order to redistribute hair thickness. During the extraction process, hairs are removed individually via tiny circular incisions.

The FUE process is often compared to the more invasive “follicular unit transplantation” (FUT) approach, also known as the “strip” method. This method involves surgically removing a strip of skin from the scalp in order to harvest hair follicles. One of the main advantages of the FUE process is that it does not involve significant incisions or scarring.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for hair transplantation procedures are usually in good physical health and are concerned about the effects of hair loss. NeoGraft and ARTAS procedures are a common solution for both men and women experiencing balding or hair thinning.

Which device should I choose?

Different procedures will be more suited to different patients, depending on their individual situation and preferences. A consultation with one of our experienced professionals will help determine which procedure is best for you.

Our Before & After Gallery

Hair transplant with ARTAS Robot, patient before and after 07, FHR Clinic Melbourne
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Patient before and after hair restoration with Neograft, FHR Hair Clinic Melbourne
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