Here’s Everything You should expect on the day of your hair transplant procedure

Congratulations! You are about to graduate as a hair transplant recipient from Flawless Hair Restoration. While this is an exciting time, we ensure patients understand what they should expect on the day of their procedure so that we can manage their expectations accordingly. Transplants are meticulous, time-consuming procedures and should not be rushed to ensure you achieve the optimal results you’re looking for.

Your procedure day begins in the morning

Your day will start early. You ceased drinking caffeine for a couple of days before the procedure day and didn’t consume any alcohol last night to minimise bleeding risk. You’re greeted at the FHR clinic when you arrive, where our staff take pre-procedure photos. Next, we shave your hair in preparation for the hair transplant procedure – this is critically important if you have an ARTAS robotic hair transplant, as the robot needs your hair to be 1.1-1.3mm in length.

We then make a final plan for your transplant, including the desired hairline or area to implant. We administer a mild sedative and a nerve block to numb your scalp. We want to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure.

Phase one of the procedure

After a short wait, the procedure room is ready for you. You will lay face-down on a special bed while the required hair follicles are extracted. This is how most patients experience the hair transplant procedure. A further local anaesthetic may be administered during this phase of the process. You will then receive some ’tumescent’ solution into the scalp, which helps control bleeding and provides the required skin tension for easy follicle removal.

Our technicians examine your extracted hair follicles in an adjacent room and sort them under microscopes. It is exacting and precise work, but essential for the best results. Some of your hair follicles may have a single hair growing, some may have doubles, some triples, and there might even be a few with four or more hairs. We implant these follicles in the second half of the procedure, aiming for an aesthetic and natural gradation of densities.

At lunchtime, the first phase of the procedure finishes. Before lunch, nerve blocks are administered to numb the front half of the scalp. If you have elected to have PRP therapy on the day, this is conducted at the end of lunch.

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Hair transplant procedure: Phase two

The second phase of your hair transplant procedure begins. We next make recipient sites in your scalp according to the treatment plan decided upon earlier. Sometimes this is a manual process or is programmed into the ARTAS robot, depending on your treatment plan. Once the sites are made, our technicians start implanting your hair follicles into their new and permanent locations.

Dressings are applied, and medications (antibiotics and painkillers) are provided. You’ll receive verbal, written and electronic post-transplant instructions, and we ensure you get home safely. We will see you the next day to check that everything is going well and to provide scalp LED to your donor and recipient areas.

It will take roughly 9-12 months to appreciate fully mature hair in your transplanted area. Still, the wait will be worth it, as patients at our clinic experience fuller, natural-looking hair.

Enjoy your new hair!