Is Plasma Hair Restoration for Hair Loss Worth It

Hair loss can significantly impact confidence levels, and while it can be caused by a variety of factors, such as health conditions or the natural ageing process, not all of the causes can be directly treated themselves to restore hair growth. This is where innovative, advanced methods of hair restoration come into play – one of these methods being PRP for hair loss.

Usually, when patient’s who are experiencing hair loss seek a hair restoration treatment, the main concern is whether or not the results will look natural. PRP for hair loss is a natural method, that stimulates your hair follicles to grow more hair in the treated area. Different from transplant methods, PRP for hair loss promotes tissue regeneration and activation of follicles, encouraging the hair to re-grow naturally. However, there is some debate out there as to whether or not PRP treatments actually work, and if they are worth it.

In this blog, we’ll outline what PRP for hair loss is, how it works, and if it’s the right hair restoration treatment method for you.

What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is created by taking a blood sample from the patient and using a specialised device to separate the platelets from the sample. The platelet-rich plasma created is said to have amazing healing abilities when injected back into the patient within the targeted areas.

Particularly, PRP for hair loss can stimulate the treatment area to produce more hair, promoting tissue regeneration, the activation of hair follicles, increasing blood flow in the area and increasing the widths of the hair shafts, encouraging the body to grow thicker, healthier hair.

Does PRP really work for hair loss?

At Flawless Hair Restoration in Melbourne, we only offer methods of hair restoration that actually work. We have a high patient satisfaction rate and have seen that PRP for hair loss can work very well for patients who are considered to be suitable for the procedure.

In an obligation-free consultation, we can put together a personalised treatment plan that is especially designed to achieve the results you want. Generally, treatment plans involve about three or four sessions of PRP for hair loss, but of course, this number can vary from patient to patient as everyone is different.

The real question isn’t if PRP for hair loss works, but whether or not it would work for you and your needs. To find out if you are a suitable candidate, contact us today to book your consultation and discuss your concerns, your ideal results and any factors that may influence the effectiveness of the treatment, such as any health conditions you may have. Since your consultation is obligation-free, you will have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to undergo the procedure once you have all the information you need.

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Pros of PRP for hair loss

PRP for hair loss can noticeably improve hair growth in the desired treatment area. Not only does it stimulate the hair follicles to grow new strands of hair, but it can increase the size and strength of the hair follicles, creating thicker and healthier hair.

Since the process involves using the patient’s own blood, the patient is not at risk of the body rejecting the substance or having an allergic reaction. Therefore, downtime is fairly minimal, with only mild swelling, sensitivity or inflammation typically experienced after treatment, which subsides quite fast.

When the treatment is undergone at the early signs of hair loss, it can help to significantly slow down or even prevent the process. Even if you have been experiencing hair loss for quite some time, you can still find that you can see noticeable results after undergoing your recommended amount of sessions of PRP treatments.

How long does PRP last for hair loss?

After the right number of sessions to suit your individual needs, you can notice about 18 to 24 months of a boost in hair growth, including an improvement in the thickness and health of your newly grown hair.

To maintain your results in the longer term, you may need a touch-up treatment about once a year. When you visit Flawless in Melbourne, we can discuss how many sessions you will need and how often you may need them.

Why choose Flawless Hair Restoration for hair restoration in Melbourne

At FHR, we only use methods of hair restoration that can deliver effective results, backed by years of research. Our medical directors, Dr Arendse and Dr Bystrzycki, take a patient-centred approach to every treatment, recommending the best treatment option for each patient and creating a personalised treatment plan designed to achieve the best results.

At your obligation-free consultation, you will be able to talk about what results you would like to achieve, your personal concerns and any other factors that can be considered while creating your personalised treatment plan. We provide all of our patients with expert-level advice so that you can feel confident about undergoing your procedure.

If you’re ready, contact us today to book your consultation!