Why Flawless Hair Restoration?

Flawless Hair Restoration is Victoria’s first clinic to offer a full suite of state-of-the-art hair restoration treatments. Hair loss is a common phenomenon among men and women of all ages, leading many to seek reliable and non-invasive methods of restoring hair volume. With a high rate of patient satisfaction, our clinic uses advanced technologies and proven methods to produce excellent results for every patient.

We offer a variety of effective cosmetic hair restoration treatments, providing both men and women with lasting hair density and a natural-looking hairline. Your consultation will take place with experienced medical practitioners who will tailor the treatment plan to your individual situation and needs. No matter your hair loss condition or goals for treatment, we can recommend a personalised solution. Patients who undergo treatment at our clinic report noticeable and lasting hair fullness after a course of treatment.

Understanding Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural occurrence that can be triggered by many factors. Genetics, age, health, and hormones all play a role in whether someone experiences hair loss.

Hair plays a major role in how we identify ourselves. It is an expression of our personality and self-image, as well as personal style. If our hair begins to fall out, this can cause a loss of confidence and affect our self-esteem. For many people, significant hair loss can be traumatic, and for this reason, hair restoration treatments are becoming more popular. Flawless Hair Restoration offers quality solutions that help patients regain confidence and enjoy a fuller head of hair.

Our technology and methods

Our clinic uses world-renowned methods and technologies to produce fantastic results for our patients. We specialise in performing FUE hair transplantations and Plasma Hair Restoration therapy treatments. During your consultation, we will discuss the roles of medications, topical treatments, LED therapy, Plasma Hair Restoration, and of course FUE hair transplantation. This allows us to provide the optimum hair maintenance and restoration plan for you.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, referring to the process of “extracting” individual hairs from the scalp and transplanting the graft to balding areas of the scalp. When a large number of grafts are transplanted, this can give the hair a noticeable and natural-looking thickness. We use cutting edge technologies to optimise the FUE transplantation process. NeoGraft technology uses a handpiece to carefully select follicles for transplantation. The advanced ARTAS robot optimises the process by providing automated precision and efficiency.

Plasma Hair Restoration injects the scalp with plasma that has a high platelet concentration, hair follicles and blood flow are stimulated. This non-invasive process triggers hair growth, for naturally increased hair volume.



Plasma Hair Restoration

Our doctors

With years of clinical experience, Dr Sean Arendse and Dr Adam Bystrzycki draw on a wealth of knowledge to offer quality hair restoration services. Dr Arendse is the founder of Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic & Flawless Hair Restoration and is renowned for providing quality cosmetic treatments using the latest technologies. He is knowledgeable in the field of hair and skin rejuvenation techniques, providing detailed assessments and solutions to achieve excellent results for patients. Dr Bystrzycki has extensive experience in trauma management, with a focus on error reduction and decision support. With a passion for aesthetic planning and precision, he is an is an experienced hair restoration clinician in the field of robotic hair transplantation and hair restoration medicine.

Taking a patient-focused approach, Dr Arendse and Dr Bystrzycki exemplify a consistent commitment and passion for patient satisfaction. They provide quality hair diagnoses in order to recommend the best course of treatment, helping you achieve a healthy and natural-looking hairline.

Dr Sean Arendse

Medical Director

Dr Adam Bystrzycki

Medical Director