What is ARTAS Hair Transplant

As a popular method of hair restoration, an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant works by extracting hair follicles and placing them into the desired treatment area to restore hair growth. Traditionally, this method had to be carried out manually, which left a lot of room for human error. With innovative technology continuing to become more advanced, now, FUE can be performed efficiently and accurately with the ARTAS robot.

In this blog, we’ll explain how ARTAS hair transplant works and the many benefits of the procedure.

How ARTAS works

An advanced method of FUE, the ARTAS hair transplant robot can precisely select the right hairs for extraction, using stereoscopic vision and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms. With small incisions around each hair follicle unit, the device will extract the hair follicle and implant it into the desired area, in a fast yet highly accurate manner.

After an ARTAS hair transplant, patients can expect to see hair growth in the treated areas, typically about three months post-treatment. By six months, patients should be able to see a significant improvement in hair growth, in a way that both looks and feels natural.

The benefits of robotic hair transplant

Using advanced technology, the ARTAS hair transplant can minimise errors that can occur with manual FUE, as well as perform a much faster and more accurate procedure.

Creating natural-looking results for patients of any age, the treatment can achieve thicker, fuller and healthier hair that is long-lasting. In fact, the procedure has been shown to boost hair growth rate more successfully than other methods.

Since the procedure is minimally invasive, ARTAS hair transplant has minimal side effects and downtime, with patients only typically experiencing swelling and discomfort in the treated area for about 48 hours. The procedure doesn’t involve any stitches, which means no scarring should be noticeable after the treatment.

At the specialised Flawless Hair Restoration Clinic in Melbourne, we ensure that every one of our patients has a personalised approach, with a tailored treatment plan that considers all of your individual needs for the procedure. An ARTAS hair transplant at FHS will provide you with the best results possible.

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What makes a suitable candidate for an ARTAS hair transplant?

An ARTAS hair transplant can be suitable for almost anyone, whether the cause of hair loss is ageing, health issues or another underlying condition.

However, some factors would need to be considered before completely deciding that a candidate is suitable for the treatment. Good candidates should have realistic expectations about the results, be ready to follow any aftercare instructions and have enough healthy hair follicles in other areas to be used as donor sites.

During an ARTAS hair transplant consultation with your physician, you will need to discuss your aesthetic concerns, health history and ideal results to make sure that the treatment is fit for what you want. If you are not considered to be a suitable candidate for the procedure, we can talk about alternative methods that can potentially work for you.

ARTAS hair transplants at Flawless Hair Restoration – Melbourne’s hair rejuvenation experts

As Melbourne’s first clinic specialising in hair restoration treatments, we only use the most advanced, effective treatment methods.

Our ARTAS hair transplant robot performs efficient, accurate and minimally invasive treatments that are associated with little downtime and delivers results that have a high patient satisfaction rate.

With the knowledge and experience needed to perform amazing hair restoration treatments, we make sure that every treatment caters to each patient’s needs. Before your treatment, you will have an informative, obligation-free consultation so that we can discuss what is involved with the treatment, assess your hair loss, and discuss the personal factors that can influence your suitability for the treatment such as your health history. After getting a clear idea of how the treatment works and how it can be tailored to your needs, you can decide if you would like to undergo the treatment or not. Included in your personalised treatment plan will be details of your aftercare steps that you may need to follow to ensure the best results.

If it turns out that ARTAS may not be the best option for you, we can talk about other options, such as the other effective treatments that we offer. At FHR, we want you to have the best treatment experience possible, so we will make sure that you’re choosing the right treatment option for you.

Whether you’re certain about ARTAS or would like to discuss your treatment options, you will benefit from an obligation-free consultation! To book, contact us today.