Is NeoGraft Hair Transplant Better Than FUE

When you’re thinking about undergoing a hair restoration treatment, one of the most common things that patients seem to hope for, (understandably), is results that both look and feel natural.

Options like the advanced NeoGraft hair transplant, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and other modern methods are out there, so how should we discern the differences and figure out which option is better?

In this blog, we will compare NeoGraft with traditional FUE, two popular hair transplant methods.

What is meant by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

As an effective hair transplant method, FUE hair transplantation is the process of harvesting individual follicular units from the scalp, using small microscopic circular incisions, and placing them in the area that needs more hair growth.

So, there are two types of FUE – Manual FUE and robotic FUE.

In manual FUE, a physician uses a handheld device to extract hair follicles. In robotic FUE, a specialised device will perform the same actions, but a little faster, under the guidance of the physician. In Robotic FUE, the physician does not perform the harvesting step, and instead, it is carried out by the ARTAS robot based on the physician’s mapping of the donor area.

Manual and robotic FUE each have their pros and cons. Manual can take longer than robotic, and robotic is generally regarded as less painful than manual. However, manual does allow for more precision which can create better results aesthetically.

What is a NeoGraft hair transplant?

Using FUE, NeoGraft is specially designed to extract hair follicles from one location of the scalp to another area that needs a boost in hair growth.

With gentle, non-invasive technology, this amazing method allows for strategic placement, creating the best aesthetic effect. It is essentially one of the most advanced hair restoration methods, with its carefully-designed technology able to reduce the risks of complications and side effects that can be associated with other types of hair transplant methods.

Innovatively, NeoGraft hair transplant uses both automated (or robotic) and manual FUE together, using enhanced technology to extract hair follicles, while also allowing for manual control. The technology then has the benefits of reducing the room for human error, while allowing for customisation and attention to detail that a human physician can achieve.

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So, should I choose NeoGraft or FUE?

NeoGraft actually uses the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique but with the benefit of both robotic technology and manual control. Overall, you could definitely say that NeoGraft hair transplant is better than other methods that also use FUE since NeoGraft is an advanced step further.

Combining robotic with manual, NeoGraft hair transplant works with semi-automated technology for the absolute best results. The procedure lets patients experience the benefits of both methods – that is, a fast, efficient and comfortable treatment with personalised results, but created with attention to detail by an experienced physician.

As well as being able to achieve advanced results, the technology can also reduce the potential risks of the procedure. NeoGraft technology is designed to achieve high precision in a gentle manner and minimise downtime, with patients only typically noticing some slight redness on the treated areas of the scalp for up to a few days to one week.

Melbourne’s Flawless Hair Restoration

No matter how fancy and advanced technology can get, hair transplants will always need qualified physicians with the right experience to be performed well. A NeoGraft hair transplant needs to be performed by an experienced physician, at a clinic that specialises in hair restoration treatments, in order to actually deliver the best results possible.

Flawless Hair Restoration in Melbourne specialises in reliable, advanced and non-invasive methods of boosting your natural hair growth. Offering a range of hair restoration treatment methods, we can assess your individual needs to recommend the best method for you, creating a personalised approach.

Using proven methods that achieve natural looking and feeling results, FHR has a high patient satisfaction rate, with patients of any gender or age noticing significantly fuller hair after their chosen treatment. To learn more about Flawless, read our About page here. To read more about our NeoGraft treatments, including what to expect after the treatments, check out our NeoGraft page here.

At our clinic, you can have an obligation-free consultation, during which we can discuss your stage of hair loss and your personal aesthetic concerns, go through all of your treatment options in detail, and create a personalised treatment plan with expert advice on how to achieve your dream results.

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