Your Hair Consultation: What Should You Expect

A face-to-face consultation at the FHR Clinic in Melbourne is the first major step patients take in their journey to hair restoration and is essential to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

During your hair transplant consultation, you will meet with one of our highly qualified hair restoration doctors, who will provide a detailed assessment of your and offer a number of solutions.We will also explore your goals and any medical issues that may impact your suitability for a hair transplant procedure.

Do you want to restore a bit of hair density? Are you dissatisfied with the amount of hair recession you have, or do you just want to prevent further loss?

These are essential questions we discuss with you during your consultation, where the information provided will help your doctor make the best decisions for and with you. We will go into great detail about your specific objectives and expected results from hair restoration, in addition to the reasons for your hair loss, the severity of your problem, and your medical needs.

Some individuals opt for hair restoration procedures in preparation for a special occasion or event. In such instances, we recommend arranging the surgery six months to a year in advance to enable time for your results to appear fully.

No matter what your reasons or goals are for wanting hair restoration surgery, our knowledgeable and welcoming staff will address any worries you may have and help you to manage your expectations. As a future client of Flawless Hair Restoration, we want to ensure you understand the procedure and how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome. You can always check out our Hair Transplant FAQs before booking a consult for more in-depth information.

Hair transplant consultation model 02, FHR Melbourne


What we discuss with you during your hair transplant consultation

There are several factors that we assess when discussing potential hair restoration treatments, including:

  • Extent and cause of the hair loss
  • Family history and genetics
  • Donor area health and density of hair
  • Age and medical history
  • The number of grafts needed to achieve results
  • Personal preferences and aesthetic goals

Determining a treatment strategy frequently entails looking back in time to examine potential reasons for the condition, such as your overall health and lifestyle. It may also be necessary to review your family history to identify whether a genetic tendency causes your hair loss. A hair restoration strategy will be selected and tailored to address your circumstances and produce the most significant outcomes.

The appointment will allow for an important conversation about your current health and how to minimise potential risks following your hair restoration operation. This can include a history of medical conditions or other difficulties that could jeopardise the surgery’s success.

There are factors that can impact bleeding risk, healing and general suitability. For example, the transplant procedure may need to be modified if you have bleeding problems or chronic back issues. A thorough assessment will be carried out of other health issues. We may seek additional tests or opinions from other medical specialists if required.

With a hair transplant, the following issues can impact the success of the surgery:

  • Active wounds in the donor or implant area
  • Insufficient hair follicles in the donor area
  • Blood clotting abnormalities
  • High blood pressure
  • A tendency to scar excessively
  • Particular drugs or medications

Let us help you on your hair restoration journey

As well as assessing the best course of treatment and planning your hair restoration, hair transplant consultation allows you to meet our team members and gain the level of comfort required to commit to a hair transplant or other treatments suggested by your clinician. We welcome you to check out our team and their extensive backgrounds and knowledge to help make you feel comfortable attending the FHR clinic for your first hair transplant consultation. As with any significant decision in your life, we want you to feel that you can trust your hair journey with us.